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Visiting Fellowships
As part of our mission to generate evidence and disseminate their findings in the field of disability-inclusive development, AIDD welcomes visiting fellows from the South Asian region and around the world for pursuing topics in disability that support the our research interests and activities. As members of the scholarly community in a regional hub for research, advocacy and training on disability and development, we expect visiting fellows to make valuable contributions to disability-inclusive research and programs. AIDD intends to work with both, early career scholars and established researchers engaged in high-quality research.


All visiting fellows will have access to facilities of AIDD as well as those of collaborating partners with whom agreements are in place, and to use available resources and networks of the institution. We encourage fellows to create connections with other educational and research institutions. AIDD will provide all kinds of assistance to visiting fellows.



If you are interested to apply or for more information regarding visiting fellowship opportunities or any queries, please contact us at +88-02-55040839 or



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