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Completed and Archived Research 

A list and along with the links to previous research projects of AIDD can be viewed here.



Participant-centred active surveillance of adverse events following immunisation: a narrative review

Global Childhood Deaths From Pertussis: A Historical Review

Risk factors for dental caries among children with cerebral palsy in a low-resource setting

Interventions to prevent respiratory diseases - Nutrition and the developing world

Migration study of lens opacities in Bangladeshi adults in London and Bangladesh: a pilot study

Generating Evidence for Program Planning: Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness in Bangladesh

Perceptual visual dysfunction, physical impairment and quality of life in Bangladeshi children with cerebral palsy

Cataract Surgery Outcomes in Bangladeshi Children

Assessing the prevalence of sensory and motor impairments in childhood in Bangladesh using key informants

Infectious Causes of Childhood Disability: Results from a Pilot Study in Rural Bangladesh

Reasons for non-uptake of referral: children with disabilities identified through the Key Informant Method in Bangladesh

Predictors of referral uptake in children with disabilities in Bangladesh – exploring barriers as a first step to improving referral provision

Validation of the key informant method to identify children with disabilities: methods and results from a pilot study in Bangladesh

Parental knowledge, attitude and practice related to blindness of children in some selected Upazila of Bangladesh

Causes of poor outcome after cataract surgery in Satkhira district, Bangladesh

Causes of severe visual impairment and blindness in Bangladesh: a study of 1935 children


The key informant method: A novel means of ascertaining blind children in Bangladesh

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