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AIDD is a dynamic coalition of disability experts, academics, health professional and service providers engaged in research, education, advocacy and services related to disability and child. We create original research that will guide the development and implementation of professional programs to educate the next generation of leaders who are focused on improving the quality of lives of people with disabilities in the region. Scholars from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to participate in AIDD's interdisciplinary research, advocacy and training programs.


Training and Capacity Building


AIDD ensures capacity building and development of its core staff, through trainings to help them develop as researchers and advocates for disability work in the region. AIDD will also conduct short courses and facilitate mentoring and internship programs.


International Staff


AIDD will provide technical, administrative and other assistance for international staff to become a part of the institute such as procedures associated with traveling, accommodation and other relevant matters.


Current Vacancies and Opportunities


Individuals with appropriate qualifications, experience and expertise from disciplines such public health, medicine, education, law, business administration and management, the social sciences like anthropology, sociology, economics, and other relevant disciplines eager to work on disability and disability-inclusive development issues are encouraged to be involved with AIDD.


For a list of the currently available vacancies and opportunities for getting involved with us please look at the list below:


Position: Program Officer

Vacancies: 01

[for more information please visit the following link:



More Information

If you have research interests aligned with AIDD, please contact us to discuss further details and means of involvement at +88-02-55040839 or





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