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Research Support

AIDD is regional platform for disability-inclusive development where we focus on capacity-building training of personnel for disability research and programs. AIDD has ongoing research projects with its collaborating partners in Bangladesh and in other regional countries. Our research focuses on the burden, early diagnosis and interventions to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities. AIDD research activities are implanted through its collaborating and partner organizations. Explore our ongoing projects  and completed research 

We conduct workshops, seminars, and training sessions to disseminate the knowledge that we have created through our research. This includes a series of Public Health Workshops jointly organized with key partners, CSF Global and South Asia School of Public Health and Life Sciences. This is part of our efforts to spread knowledge and help program planners and policy-makers in their decisions, and for creating new partnerships in our work area.

AIDD is a platform for development of skills and creation of new partnerships for emerging local and regional researchers. They can benefit from the opportunity of working with disability experts international and national disability experts, academics, health professionals and service providers engaged in research, education, advocacy and services. Emerging researchers are expected to benefit immensely from the guidance and support that they will receive at AIDD in this regard. AIDD is a centre for collaboration with international researchers who are working on disability issues in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Researchers will also have the advantage of receiving assistance from our institution for designing and planning research, carrying out fieldwork, obtaining ethical approval and consent, alongside a range of other support systems currently in place here. By establishing partnerships with AIDD, researchers can make use of our support mechanisms and networks. We believe that our capacities in conducting disability-inclusive research are a foundation for productive partnerships in this field.

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