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Learn about our Vision and Mission

An inclusive society for all.

Our Profile



Our vision is to serve as a hub for regional and international disability experts, researchers, trainers to increase expertise and competence on disability through translational research in order to help improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families, and to create an inclusive society for all.  




For widespread recognition as a leading institute in disability-inclusive development research, AIDD intends to:

  • Organize and implement a comprehensive, integrated program on research and training and place a strong emphasis on translating research outcomes into practice.

  • Promote a cross faculty collaboration and research agenda regarding Disability and Public Health.

  • Produce cost-effective, replicable social technologies to enhance the opportunities for people with disabilities to achieve their own goals by leading healthy and independent lives.

  • Provide expertise for policy makers and other stakeholders (NGOs, UN agencies, international donor agencies) involved in disability-inclusive development. This includes the areas of legislation, inclusion, empowerment and mainstreaming within existing policies.

  • Increase knowledge, expertise and number of skilled personnel through training on various aspects of disability and exchange experience among academic networks around the world.

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