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Central to the operations of AIDD are two core activities; conducting research both independently and in collaboration with partners, and generation of high-quality scientific evidence through dissemination of findings by means of conferences and publications in peer reviewed journals.


Research categories:

  • Epidemiological study on various types of impairments and disabilities

  • Qualitative and anthropological studies on the social aspect of disabilities

  • Development of methodologies for surveys for estimation of the magnitude and causes of disability and impairment in adults and children

  • Optimization of health and rehabilitation service delivery to persons with disabilities, including assessment and evaluation of access and barriers to treatment

  • Assessment of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions for prevention of disability (e.g. road traffic crash prevention) or alleviation of disability (e.g. provision of mobility aids)

  • Research related to major impairment groups (e.g. physical, visual, hearing impairments and epilepsy.

  • Research on mental health issues

  • Health policy research


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