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Journal Club
The Asian Institute of Disability and Development (AIDD) has a Journal Club engaged in discussions and critical evaluation of recent scholarly literature on cerebral palsy and other disabilities.


Members of the institute meet on a fortnightly basis, the Journal Club participants conduct presentations on articles selected by them, the sessions are interactive as they discuss various aspects of the articles as well as concepts relevant to the study in question. The diverse team of international and national disability experts, academics, researchers, health professionals and service providers, among others at AIDD provides opportunities to carry out intellectually stimulating discussions from the perspective and expertise of individuals from different backgrounds. The advantages also include keeping up to date with recent knowledge, promote awareness of recent disability research, obtaining skills to critique and appraise research, explore potential research opportunities, and becoming familiar with the best current disability research.


Members of our institute who are participants at the Journal Club meet on the basis of a roster. Correspondence and discussions in this regard are also maintained online between participants. The current roster of the AIDD Journal is provided below:


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